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Puppies 2021


                                     Sired by Scherzando Mossberg




No way are the parents of these puppies both FT Champions.
Not with strong show lines?!  The breeders are probably just ignorant of what FTCh means,
but at £3000 per puppy perhaps they should check?


Covid 19

What unprecedented times we have been through. I normally welcome all comers to visit me and my four legged gang. These days we have to be far more careful.

If you do want to come for a chat and/or see the dogs, I still prefer visits to be conducted outside, in my garden. I’m very lucky, living out here in the country. You can feel pretty safe… in that I haven’t been close to anyone in the street, or in a shop, a Bank or a Doctor’s surgery; I am doing my best to remain covid free. For the same reason, I don’t invite strangers into my home either so, no, I’m sorry, you can’t use my loo.

Be aware that Internet in this area can be intermittent, as can mobile phone signal. Awful! Don’t get lost on your way here and have need to phone me for directions… we’re a bit “third world” in this part of Hampshire ha ha…

Choose a nice sunny day in the first place and there is a summerhouse in the garden so we can get out of the rain if the heavens do, unexpectedly, open.