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2022 Puppies


English Springers
Sired by Scherzando Gandalf – born 14th January

Both parents  Hips scored, current clear BVA Eye Certs (plus PLA O).  Hereditarily clear Fuco and PRA(cord1)
Contact me in first instance    Tel 01962 793152   e-mail 


Cocker Puppies born 12th February 2022

Mother of pups was bred by me…
…so dam is hip scored, has
current BVA Eye Certificate (plus PLA), and is AMS hereditarily clear
Contact me in first instance please    Tel 01962 793152   e-mail


English Springers
Sired by Scherzando Howard –  details on Breeding Info page
Born March 7th, in Totton area, from the bitch below – Hips 4:4 Elbows Zero
BVA Clear eye certificate Oct 2021 PLA Zero DNA Clear Fuco, AMS, PFK, PRA(cord1)




No way are the parents of these puppies both FT Champions.
Not with strong show lines?!  The breeders are probably just ignorant of what FTCh means,
but at £4000 per puppy perhaps they should check?