Third party insurance is a MUST these days! If you have working dogs you are probably already a member of BASC or NGO so are automatically covered for third party liability should your dog cause an accident. Or… Become a member of The Dogs Trust – that gives you Third Party cover for any number of pets of any species from the same household.


Crates… Shop around the Internet for companies with good on-line order facilities, reasonable prices and quick door-to-door delivery service. Collapsible to flatpack, front and side doors, cage divider and/or slide in trays. These days crates cost next to nothing…


Collars – never trust leather, buckles and/or plastic clips.  NEVER, EVER, EVER

Left – Leather can dry out and crack. Middle – nylon half choke recommended. Right – always normally use rope slip lead.


For the same price as tinned…. it would be much better to buy fresh meat!


Dog Food If you can’t use BARF (bones and raw food) I recommend the CSJ dog food range  http://www.csjk9.com

The best everyday food that I recommend right from puppy stage is Champ Adult
Champ! Adult – CSJ Champ! (csjk9.com)

Clay bowls are best for puppies

I recommend two books for novice owners…
Other recommended reading;
Give Your Dog A Bone
written by Dr Ian Billinghurst BVSc (Hons) B Sc Agri Dip Ed.



Should the unthinkable happen… and you lose your dog
Firstly notify Petlog (your microchip registration point) and your local Police and Dog Warden then register and look at a nationwide excellent website…