Breed Info

Chinese Cresteds…  let me tell you that the character and behaviour and everything else about these fabulous dogs is exactly the same in the Powder Puffs as in the Hairless. Loving, lively, great fun, silly, brave, excellent companions, very intelligent… absolutely full to the very brim with the love of life! I was late in finding the breed but now could not be without them…

In this area (Hampshire) you can expect to pay around £2000 for a well bred puppy. For this you should insist on the parents being fully health tested and that the puppies are KC registered, fully Vetted, microchipped and have had first injections before they leave the breeder.

ALWAYS see the mother of the puppies, but please don’t expect her to still be “nursing” her babies. They should have been independent of her since five or six weeks of age.

Breeders should be prepared to spend time with you and be able to offer advice for the life of the puppy. If you’re not happy with anything at all – walk away.


Scherzando Pride of Roxy

Born 1st April 2017 – Kiwi was never a fool!
Owned, trained, groomed and handled by Jodie Watling

Grey background – just some of her awards for Tricks.  Kiwi also loves Agility!
Black background – Bitch CC and BoB at The Chinese Crested Dog Club’s Champ Show 2018
Outdoors – at Battersea’s Muddy Dogs Fund Raiser 2018