There is nothing to touch visiting an experienced Crested person and learning first hand…. if you can take all the information in? To be able to see the difference between skins, coats, true hairless with sparse furnishings to the powderpuff in all their glory. It is so very difficult when you are new….

There are absolutely gorgeous TRUE hailress around… BUT they are few and far between. Even if they are well made (as in “to breed standard”) they may not have any glamorous furnishings which is truly the icing on the cake. Add to that, in order to do well in the show ring, you need a dog that has real attitude – that is one who loves to show itself off. Are you getting the picture?

OK lets see what we can do….

If you are buying a puppy of 9 weeks old, for instance…. you are always taking a risk. You have to trust the expertise and integrity of the person selling to you. How truly hairless is this puppy? Apart from the hairlessness, the colours can change for a start. Follow this link to see how a dark brown puppy turned into a white multi Champion..


I like this comparison of a man’s back to the hairlessness of a Crested – it’s funny but accurate.

Permanent teeth may not come thru’ 100% as you, or the breeder, might expect. Hairlessness doesn’t change but it can be difficult for the less experienced to decide between a boisterous puppy being a hairy hairless or a powderpuff. If in doubt, the hair should be left ON until you can be sure. The second teeth are a good indication but, to be 100% certain, an easy genetic blood test can give you absolute proof one way or another.

If you are wanting a true show prospect, don’t worry about waiting to buy a nine or ten month puppy. At least you can SEE what you are getting. If you are desperate to have one at nine or ten weeks then you have to accept that there are NO guarantees.




Every skin and every coat can be different. There is no right or wrong product but you must take the greatest care. Here are my basic recommendations.

Hairless. Keep the skin clean by regularly washing with an ultra mild shampoo. Maybe just “Simple Soap” or a babywash? Even unscented baby wipes can suffice on a daily basis. Watch the skin like a hawk for any adverse reactions – just as you would a newborn baby. Dogs cannot tell you that something is itching or hurting… you have to observe for yourself. I used a Ponds Sensitive Cream on my own skin some years ago… within minutes of the application my whole face was burning and with an amazing level of pain. I immediately washed it off but the pain continued for three days. Do NOT assume that your dog will be OK just because the label says “for sensitive skins” or similar.

Taping ears Puppies may need a little help with keeping their ears erect when they’re small. I use nice thick chiropody felt. which is sticky on one side. Cut a small strip and simply stick in the middle / inside of the ear as pictured below…


Beds – Easier to throw in the wash than the whole bean bag… Just use an old pillow case. I change the covers on my dogs’ bean bags / doughnut beds daily. Remember to take care with your choice of washing powder. Watch for any sign of irritation.

Coats – Use the sleeves from old fleeces to make dog coats. Cut the sleeve away from the body of the fleece, leaving a neat hem from where the join had been. The cuff will fit neatly around the dog’s neck. Make two slits just behind the cuff – these are now the holes for the dogs’ front legs. That’s it!

Fleas – I add a few grains of ground garlic to my dogs’ food every day – great for deterring fleas / ticks etc in these silly times of global warming. I prefer the more natural treatments wherever possible.

Food additives – Salmon Oil is brilliant to keep hairless dogs’ skins in tip top condition. I use cod liver oil or even vegetable oil for my other dogs.

Skin treatments – My favourite is Coconut Oil. If the dog licks some off, all the better. Great on inside and out.


This is April in both pictures, bred in Netherlands. She is, believe it or not, a hairy hairless. I try to only breed the true hairless.
April lives as a pet now, she loved showing but there was far too much preparation to present her in the ring.




This is a puff bitch (Pola) with her five day old puppies. 
Only one puff baby, others are all true hairless. Amazing!