I have nothing at the minute, and don’t intend breeding Cresteds again. Other people that have had my bitch pups in the past may breed – and I will be helping them.

I like people to visit, even if I don’t have puppies, to let you see the sort of Cresteds I have bred and how they’re brought up. That way I get to know you, and you me….. and if puppies do crop up, I know exactly what will suit you!

All breeders should aspire to produce the best they can and you should expect to pay around £2000 to £3000 (unless there is a glaring fault). For this your puppy should be KC registered, DNA screened for PRA and PLL (and anything else possible), microchipped, wormed/fleaed, fully Vetted and with, at least, their first injections. A breeder should offer their continued help to the new owner.

Occasionally I have an older dog that might be looking for a retirement home or is, perhaps, not quite good enough to show. Again, give me a call..

Very occasionally my Stud Dogs have had visiting girlfriends, they’re getting on a bit now. I would be delighted to pass details of their owners on to you..

Here you can see the degree of hairiness in puppies, from true hairless to powder puff