I have been a Breeder and Trainer of Working Spaniels and Retrievers since 1983.

My greatest love are English Springer Spaniels, but Cockers are creeping up…. My ‘new’ passion is the hairless Chinese Crested.

As an affix, Scherzando is acknowledged by many other top breeders and praised by knowledgeable authors such as Mike Smith and Bill Ironside.

My dogs can be found in many top lines in Europe and Eire as well as at home. I go to tremendous lengths to ensure my dogs are the best they can be. All my breeding stock has been eye screened and hip scored since the 1980s and are all DNA screened beyond the requirements of the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme. If you see my affix, the dog is from health tested lines as far as possible. I can’t dictate that someone else’s stud dog be fully tested before I use him, but I’ll even pay for the Tests if they’ll let me!

I am a Kennel Club Presenter of J Regs for Spaniels and have judged Field Trials for over twenty years. I have made up several Champions including two homebred Champion Cresteds.