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I usually start with  Although we live in credit crunching times…. if your first question is “how much are they?” please do not go any further.  However, 2020 saw some ridiculously inflated prices. DO NOT pay three or four thousand pounds unless you are absolutely desperate for THAT particular puppy, and it comes with a 22ct gold collar! In this area a Springer pup’s normal price is around £1700. Cockers are around £2000. You should expect pups to be KC Registered, Vetted, microchipped and have had first vaccinations. A Docking Certificate should be given to you, issued by the docking Vet, showing your pup’s details and it’s microchip number. ALL health test certificates must be available and the dam should be at home for you to meet her. She should definitely not be nursing her pups after six weeks old.  

It could happen that prices stay at these high levels for a very long time. It’s all very well me telling folk not to pay thousands of pounds… but then why should good puppies not attract a better price than a bad one? A friend of mine sold their pups for £900 summer 2020 “to good homes” only for three of them to be sold on within a fortnight… and for nearly four times the original price.

SINCE SEPTEMBER 2020 The Kennel Club has had serious issues with their new computer system. Some registration documents have not been sent out to breeders, some documents that have been sent contain all manner of errors. Dates, name, even breeds – all jumbled! Added to this hip/elbow x-rays have not been assessed as regularly as usual because of covid. The BVA are several months behind with their scoring. BVA Eye Panellists have not been able to examine eyes. It has been a nightmare for good breeders – but bad ones are having an absolute field day. I recently saw unregistered Cockers, with zero health tests, advertised in Southampton for £3800  and marked as sold within days..

Breeders should only produce the very best that they can… temperament, health and longevity should be top of the list and they should provide unlimited help in the future to the new owners.

If money is a real consideration, why not think about giving a home to a rescue dog? Remember, putting size of the dog to one side, the costs of keeping a dog are the same no matter what the breed. Have you worked out annual feeding costs, fairly regular vet checks (lets not think of illnesses / accidents) and also pet care during holidays?

All my puppies are home reared – in and around my family.

The puppies are weaned on CSJ Adult Champ and BARF (bones and raw foods).

Dogs grow correctly and, in my experience, remain far more healthy when fed as near to a natural diet as possible. Very high protein all-in-one dried foods are all very well but are often over fed and used inappropriately, with dire results. It can cause over accelerated growth in, for example, the length of young bones. In later life there is too much strain on the digestive system trying to cope with excessive protein levels. n.b. I wean my puppies on Adult food. Nice low protein!

Puppies leave here microchipped, Kennel Club registered (with 5 weeks free insurance cover), fully wormed and treated for fleas/ticks. Spaniel tails will be docked by a third and dew claws will be removed. There will be certification with each puppy signed by the Vet that performed the operation. The pups will have had their first vaccination and be fully vetted at nine weeks old. Puppies are supplied with full written instructions to help with their basic care, especially during those first important few days and months in their new home.

Help and advice is always freely given to new owners in the days and even years ahead. As an added safety net, it is my policy to always take back my pups at anytime, at any age. Happily, this is a very rare occurrence.

I promise to always take my dogs back – no matter what the reason…



Scherzando Howard   aka Ollie

Hips 4:4    Hereditarily Clear PRA Cord1 & Fuco    BVA Eyes clear PLA 0 April 2021



Far left – pre hair cut

Middle – post hair cut

Right – with me, January 2021




Scherzando Kaa  aka Moss 

Hereditarily Clear PRA Cord1 & Fuco  –  BVA Eyes clear April 2021  Hips 5:4